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Adults and Parents
Don't Ignore the World's Problems, Take Action!

Ways to Help Solve Our Environmental Problems:

Trash Build-up
Tell people who you know why littering doesn't make sense
Start a neighborhood or city-wide group to clean-up creeks or roadsides.  (send out flyers or e-mails)
Explain to your kids why littering is wrong
Urge schools to teach recycling education
Send a letter to the local newspaper
Send an e-mail to local political representatives
Urban Sprawl
Start a smart growth lobbying group to sit in on city council
Join a smart growth group
Send an e-mail to local politicians urging for a smart growth plan
Gas Emissions and
High Cost of Gas
Drive less
Go a constant speed
If your pocket book allows: try the practical new hybrid (gas-electric) cars from Honda, Toyota, and Ford.
Buy cars with ULEV or SULEV emission ratings
Encourage others to consider emissions and mileage in cars
What the heck, ride a bike!
Energy Shortages
Invest in vehicles or homes using alternative energy such as solar, fuel cell, wind, geothermal, or hybrid powers
Donate money to alternative energy research groups
Encourage schools to teach about alternative energy
Send an e-mail to a national politician to encourage alternative energy development groups
Wilderness Destruction
Send an e-mail to local or national politicians saying we should preserve the land's natural beauty
Wildlife Mistreatment
Teach your kids to RESPECT animals, plants, trees, and everything around them
Encourage schools to teach respect for wildlife with field trips
Take your children outdoors on camping trips or on nature walks
Explain to everyone you know why hurting or mistreating the environment is wrong
Start or join a group like the Humane Society that cares for mistreated animals and educates people about animal care
Send an e-mail to a local or national politician encouraging punishments for the mistreatment of wildlife

Ways to Help Fix Societal Problems:

Treat everyone the same, no matter how the look or act
Teach your kids to except everyone as a human being
Lend a hand to anyone in need, or just as a friendly gesture
If you see someone being isolated, get them help
If a child is being made fun of, stand up for them and explain to them their positive quailties.  It helps!
Encourage your child to make friends with all sorts of people
Needy People
Give time not "sympathy change"
Start a food or clothes drive
Contribute to organizations helping the unfortunate
Volunteer at a food bank or homeless shelter
Spend time at retirement homes and swap stories
Get your entire family to volunteer with you
Explain to your children why violence only creates more problems
Talk to people on both sides of an argument to help solve it
Encourage anti-violence education
Leave space for people in stressful situations or only give friendly help if it seems exceptable
Think of how other people could react to your words and actions
Make sure your child grows up in a safe environment
What are you about?
Make sure people know what you stand for and why
Encourage others to take a positive, giving, and non-violent approach to problems and to get involved!