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Kids and Teens
You're never too young to change the world

Simple ways to help the environment around you:

Trash or Waste Pollution
Start a clean-up group with your friends and post signs around school
Get people to sponsor your clean-up efforts to raise money and awareness
Join a previously formed clean-up group
Send a letter to the school or city newspaper
Explain to people you know why littering is wrong
Send an e-mail to local political leaders about the problem
Sprawling City Growth
Join a Smart Growth Group, or suggest the idea to a grown-up
Tell your parents how much you like city parks
Enjoy open space while it lasts
Visit city, state or national parks to take in the outdoor experience
Send an e-mail to local political leaders asking to conserve land use
Wildlife Mistreatment
Urge friends not to harm animals for any reason
Tell friends that they should leave wildlife alone for all to enjoy
Tell an adult if someone is harming animals or wildlife
Start or join a group like the Humane Society that cares for mistreated animals
Send an e-mail to local or national political leaders to stop wildlife mistreatment
Any Problem in the Environment
Talk to Someone
Send a letter to school or local newspaper
Send an e-mail to political leaders

Reasonable ways to help society:

Prejudice or Kids who are Picked On
Tell friends and classmates that everyone has the same feelings inside, no matter how they look or act on the outside
Tell friends that when they make fun, it only makes them look bad
Make friends with all types of people
Reach out to people who others shrug away, or atleast say "hi"
Talk to an adult about problems
Find help for struggling people (tell a counselor or teacher)
New Kids at School
Talk to them about their old school or anything you have in common to introduce them to new surroundings
You may find someone you really like who is just new to school
Explain to friends and classmates why they have no reason to fight
Violence doesn't solve anything, it just causes more problems
Avoid getting into violent situations by staying friendly
Tell any adult, but words from you might mean just as much
Don't let violence be ignored
Needy People
Give time, not "sympathy change"
Volunteer at soup kitchens or homeless shelters
Visit people in retirement homes and exchange fascinating stories
Get your whole family to volunteer
What are you about?
Make sure everyone knows what you stand for
Let everyone know about problems that can be fixed